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New Green Living Initiative At Two Seasons Hotel Dubai

“Nature turns to the sun, water and wind for its power. We believe in the same.”

Electric vehicle owners can now road trip to Dubai with the peace of mind that Two Seasons Hotel will be along the way to accommodate their changing needs.

Two Seasons Hotel with their belief in green living did install two Tesla Destination Chargers to emphasize their strong eco-responsible values.  All electric car owners visiting the hotel can charge up their vehicles easily while enjoying the exclusive services offered by the hotel. Visitors can stay in their elegant renovated suites, enjoy a delicious meal in La Terrasse Restaurant, have a coffee break at Le Grand Café or just relax in the exclusive spa and they can charge their cars for free. Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Dubai has teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide an increasingly desirable service, Tesla Destination Charging.  Tesla High Power Wall Connectors to charge Universal electric car.

Tesla works with hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world to offer High Power Connectors as an amenity for visitors, allowing them to charge their Tesla or other electric cars at locations where they want to stay for several hours. The High Power Wall Connector can easily recharge the cars in just a few hours. Overnight charging has the potential to make the stay that much comfortable and easier.

“Our sustainable solutions means that whether you’re staying for a weekend, the night or just having dinner at one of our restaurants, be our guest and recharge your car for free, while you recharge yourself.

Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments is always finding new ways to improve the guest experience. This collaboration, with Tesla, demonstrates our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our hotel and improve our contribution to a low carbon society. We now have the ability to offer guests perfect and convenient charging during their stay.

We are proud to contribute to the biodiversity of the UAE. And this participation is in line with a wider series of initiatives under our Green Globe Label and Dubai Government directives aiming to enhance environmental awareness and to make the travel process easier for a growing number of our guests’ emphasized Mr. Freddy Farid, Managing Director of Two Seasons Hotels & Apartments.

The hotel focuses on measures to reduce energy, water, and waste produced by the hotel and hotel guests.  The property continually finds creative ways to reduce paper given to guests, like using tablets and emailing instead of distributing paper surveys to all guest rooms. This step is part of Two Seasons long term commitment – Green Globe Program which focuses on more sustainable hotel operation and aims to be among the leading environment-friendly hotels in Dubai.

Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments promotes green living and hospitality through installing practices to show all colleagues, customers, business partners and owners on how to protect and preserve the future environment. The hotel is engaged in CSR activities such as carton, paper, plastic, metal tins, glass, cans, used oil collection campaigns for the past 4 years.

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