Elevate your fitness with new gym equipment at Elixir Fitness and Padel Court

New gym equipment and padel court

Unlock a new set of fitness goals at the Two Seasons Hotel and Apartments with the new gym equipment at Elixir Fitness. In addition to this, you can get into the competitive spirit by competing in a few rounds with your friends and family at the new Padel Court. The Two Seasons Hotel isn't just a destination for long stays and leisure, but also an excellent health and wellness retreat, all packaged into one exciting deal!

Pump up the adrenaline with a friendly round of padel at the new court!

The Two Seasons Hotel is excited to introduce a new padel court to its premises. Indulge your competitive spirit and burn some calories with a friendly game of Padel with your friends or family. Padel is a rapidly growing sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. It’s a fantastic way to get your heart rate up, improve hand-eye coordination, and at the very least, have some fun. Whether you're a seasoned padel pro or a curious beginner, Two Seasons Hotels provides the perfect setting to enjoy this dynamic sport.

If you’ve already checked in and are staying at the hotel, you can book the padel court by the hour at the reception. The reception can also help you out with rackets and tennis balls in case you don’t have your own. Just remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about having some fun.

The workout experience at Elixir Fitness just received a major upgrade

You can now set more complicated fitness goals thanks to the new gym equipment at Elixir Fitness. Transform your stay at the Two Seasons Hotel into a full-fledged fitness retreat by hitting the gym on the 8th floor. Elixir Fitness was already among the best gyms in Dubai, and with the latest equipment upgrades, it is now also among the best-equipped. The new equipment includes

  • Treadmills: Get your cardio fix with the latest treadmills, designed to provide a smooth and comfortable running experience.
  • Cross Trainers: Engage your entire lower body and improve overall fitness with the addition of new cross trainers.
  • Ladder: This versatile piece of equipment allows for a variety of exercises to enhance agility, coordination, and speed.
  • Chest Press: Build upper body strength and sculpt your chest muscles with the new chest press machine.
  • Shoulder Press: Target your shoulders and improve upper body definition with the inclusion of a dedicated shoulder press machine.

These new additions complement the existing state-of-the-art equipment already available at Elixir Fitness, ensuring guests have access to everything they need for a complete workout. You can wrap it up with a comforting wellness retreat to the spa and indulge in some soothing self-care.

All hotel guests enjoy 24x7 access to gym facilities

Taking into consideration the fact that the Two Seasons Hotel receives guests from around the world with varying schedules, Elixir Fitness boasts 24/7 operation, allowing guests to squeeze in a workout at any time of day or night. Whether you're an early bird looking to jumpstart your day or a night owl seeking a post-dinner exercise session, the gym is always open to accommodate your fitness goals.

World class wellness facilities at the 2 seasons hotel

The introduction of the padel court and upgraded gym facilities reflects Two Seasons Hotels' dedication to providing guests with exceptional amenities that promote overall well-being. By offering diverse fitness options and convenient accessibility, the hotel empowers guests to maintain their exercise routines while on the go. This commitment to wellness extends beyond the gym, with Two Seasons Hotels likely offering additional services such as healthy menu options and relaxation areas to create a truly holistic wellness experience.

Plan your hotel booking in Dubai at the Two Seasons

If you're looking for a hotel that prioritises your physical and mental well-being, look no further than Two Seasons Hotels Apartments in Dubai. With the addition of the exciting new padel court and upgraded gym facilities, Two Seasons elevates the guest experience by providing the perfect environment to relax, recharge, and maintain an active lifestyle during your travels. Book your stay today and discover a new dimension of wellness at Two Seasons Hotels.