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Emirates Environmental Group Can Collection Campaign

Two Seasons Hotel contributes to Emirates Environmental Group Can Collection Campaign

On February 27, 2020 Two Seasons Hotel participated in the can collection day organized by EEG. 35 kg of cans were requested for depositing, but Two Seasons Hotel delivered 117 kg. The hotel staff were volunteering in sorting garbage and protecting the environment through community involvement.

 “It is a huge effort that came from the hotel staff to collect 117g of cans. We are happy to be a part of the Green Globe where it is essential to unify the efforts and reinforce the environmental sustainability practice in order to find solutions that encourage the environmental culture and to maintain a highly qualified sustainable environment that suits with the government lifestyle. The garbage of the entire hotel was sorted out in the garbage room to achieve the required quantity of cans. It is worth mentioning that Two Seasons Hotel has been a member of Emirates Environmental Group since January 2013. The process of can collection was carried to support the Emirates Environmental Group, to engage staff in CSR activity and to protect UAE environment. “, said Mr. Freddy Farid the Managing Director of Two Seasons Hotel Management Company LLC.

Since maintaining the environment is one of the essential values of EEG and due to our constant efforts to raise the awareness to our employees and our guests about sustainable environment so as to lessen the waste accumulated from the hospitality sector in the Middle East.

Green living at Two Seasons Hotel Dubai

Two Seasons Hotel is collaborating with government and non-government organizations since 2016 to fully engage in sustainability and social activities to support the national and international humanitarian initiatives. In order to protect the bio-diversity, Two Seasons Hotel is working closely with the EWS-WWF to preserve wildlife species. As part of our commitment to the community, we also work with Dubai Foundation for Women & Children, Rashid Centre for people of determination.

Two Seasons Hotel has been working collaboratively with Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and has been awarded many times since 2013 until present time. As a member of EEG in 2017, we've sponsored EEG events and workshops in Two Seasons Hotel. We work together with EEG and Arabian CSR Network for Waste Management and Recycling programs. Two Seasons Hotel is also participating in Posh Paw (Animal Welfare Organization) activities for the last three years.

Two Seasons Hotel Dubai cooperates with the local community and participates in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The hotel regularly holds CSR events to spread awareness and encourage more people to care for society like Fire Drill, Blood Donations, Breast Awareness Campaigns, Tree planting ... The property promotes green living and hospitality through installing practices to show all colleagues, customers, business partners and owners on how to protect and preserve the future environment. The hotel is engaged in CSR activities such as carton, paper, plastic, glass and cans collection campaigns for the past 4 years.

Green initiatives at Two Seasons Hotel Dubai

Prevention: Waste prevention at source. Departments must plan activities to avoid the generation of waste

Minimization: Reduce the amount of waste produced.

Re-use:  Re-use materials wherever possible.

Recycle: Transfer waste to approved companies for recycling plants to minimize environmental impact

Energy recovery: Not feasible to be carried out as our hotel’s waste does not have a high calorific value.

Disposal: Sending of waste to landfill is a last resort. Hazardous waste will be disposed of and treated by authorized disposal contractors and facilities.

Environmental Protection: Supporting initiatives that help protect the integrity of the environment. We also want to support initiatives that use innovative products and services to help solve environmental problems. To be actively involved in conserving resources, reducing pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes

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