Unlimited comfort concept with Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments

Season is the division of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology, and amount of day lights. In certain part of the world, some other seasons capture the timing of important events; flood, growth, wildlife seasons.


Here in UAE, we are blessed with two seasons: Winter and Summer. The longest months in the calendar year, which makes our brand ideal place for travelers all throughout the year. Hence the inception of the Two Seasons Hotels Brand.


Al Ghaith Holdings, a dynamic business group engaging in a wide range of business activities, from real estate management and development, trading, oil field services, has decided to have an arm in the hospitality sector under the management of Two Seasons Hotel Management LLC. The Two Seasons brand represent deluxe hotels and guarantee guests fine accommodation, excellent services and unique friendly atmosphere.

Freddy Farid, Managing Director of Two Seasons Hotel Management LLC, explains that “The creation of our home grown Brand, and the upgrading of our current property will certainly enhance our guest interaction, by offering personalized service and quality standard to our customers”.


The formerly Gloria Hotel & Apartments in Dubai will become the chain’s first hotel in the UAE.  Two plots are under construction in Dubai with 188 Lifestyle hotel rooms and 256 apartments that will open in 2021. Plans call for a total of 2 in Morocco by the end of 2022. One Beach Resort with 120 rooms in the city of Dakhla and one boutique hotel with 22 villas and organic farms in the capital Rabat. This hotels will be under a new hotel concept that is luxurious, trendy and charming and that echoes a new season of lifestyle hotels start up.


Al Ghaith Holding has an ambitious expansion plan for the next five years, with a strong commitment to new destinations, in Middle East and North Africa, and large global cities where it plans to open Two Seasons Resort hotels. The hotel chain, is characterized by its strong commitment to the destinations where it settles, investing in long-term projects that involve the local community through its sustainability policies and its community contribution.


“Two Seasons Hotels & Apartments is expanding at a robust pace and projecting itself into the future. We are taking a disciplined approach, harmoniously reinforcing our presence in strategic markets and targeting high potential destinations. Our Hotels answer and reflect the growing and changing trends towards the specialization of hospitality products that cater to a variety of travelers. We are determined to continue developing Two Seasons Hotels to enter new markets and open new hotels both at home and abroad”, explain Dr Gaith bin Hamel Al Ghaith Al Qubaisi , Chairman of the Two Seasons Hotels.


 Al Ghaith Holding is also making a big investment in the development and improvement of an increasingly sustainable operation, and all of its projects are guided by respect for the environment and the local culture.